Where Have all the Cruises Gone?

Cruises Gone?

Coming up we are going to take a brief look at Disneyites across the nation who, as we speak, are eagerly saving their ducats to go to sea with Mickey Mouse and friends. Currently the Disney cruises are closed due to the pandemic and June 2021 they MIGHT open again! But when they reopen, sharing the magic (pun intended)  will be quite exciting. Why do people enjoy the Disney cruises so much? Or, for that matter, all things Disney?

So Much to Take in

True fans of Disney are of course known as “Disneyites.” And if you are a Disneyite (or want to become one) membership has never been easier. All you must do is to fully know within yourself that you are a Disneyite. This means you can top into all the happiness, love and magic and memories that occur during a Disney cruise. Or for that matter, all Disney experiences including the theme parks, movies, memorabilia, and Disney+ (Disney Plus).

It is a “Plus” Sensation

And do not forget the wonderful Disney books that are available, to read to your kids or even enjoy on your own! So, as you can see, being a Disneyite does not mean you have blinders on and are looking at just one thing. Being a passionate Disneyite means you are wide open and taking in the opposite of single focus because you see the largeness of the universe, Disney’s universe that is!

Oh, and stay tuned for news on possible Disney Cruises coming this fall!

Disneyites Saving Up for Doing Disney Experiences

To start, Please Read, Important

First, we need to say up front that we are in NO WAY associated with any Disney company. Therefore, we call ourselves Unauthorized Disneyites. Plain and simple we are big fans of Walt Disney and the amazing things that continue to be develop even after his passing. It is no secret that one of our most favorite things to do is to be on a Disney Cruise. This is of course not possible at the current time because we are experiencing a worldwide Pandemic.

Possible Financial Strategies for Disneyites

All we can really do in this age of COVID-19 is to save our money for when Disney Cruises are back. If you are a DIsneyite like we are, you may need some ideas for making money so you can save it and thereby become solvent enough to take a Disney Cruise.

The Following Money-Making Ideas May Take Some Technical Skills

Here now are possible ways that Disneyites can potentially bring in cash to in turn be on board with Mickey. Some of these concepts require a certain amount of technical skill.

Write an eBook

Another thing to consider in the digital domain is to write an eBook covering a “How To” topic that people want information on. You can then easily have your book offered on Amazon as a kindle title. You also have the option to sell your eBook yourself with a website that can bill your customer and then digitally delivering your eBook to them. This is a terrific income stream that has success based on needing to solve an important problem for the reader. Once you set up your digital process, the purchase and delivery of your eBook is totally automated so you can literally sell eBooks while you sleep.

Monetize Online Something You Have a Passion For

Do you have a passion project, something that is meaningful and excites you? Something to consider is taking that passion and making it into a small business or micro business or home business, all of which are essentially the same thing. Your passion project for example would be to sell online tickets for something that people can attend virtually. The topics for this type of program often work best if the subject of the presentation is somehow empowering to the viewer (niche audience). Your target market should have extraordinarily strong feelings about what you are presenting, so much so that they will be motivated to attend digitally.

Become a Real Estate Investor Online

We are going through a time in which it is not always easy to do business in an in-person manner, so if you have always been interested in becoming a real estate investor, you can now do so entirely on the web from the comfort of your own home. Whether you do online of offline real estate investing, the risks are quite similar. Real estate investing can be a tricky business to run and you could lose money. Conversely, there is always a chance you could do well. You might consider investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Or act with a real estate crowdfunding website. This is something you do at your own risk.

Minnie and company, we hope to see you soon!

Yianni Stamas Reveals the Connection Between Disneyites and Astronomy

Thanks to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Hi everybody. A quick note to all of you Disneyites out there, not only did we have a Total Solar Eclipse yesterday but here’s another astronomy fact that I think you’ll all be interested in. It has to do with a small planet. Here is a list of them from NASA:

“There are currently five planets classified as dwarf planets: Ceres, Pluto, Makemake, Haumea and Eris. Except for Ceres, which lies in the main asteroid belt, these small planets are located in the Kuiper Belt.”

But there is another planet that NASA didn’t mention and this is an absolute truth that Disneyites everywhere can be proud of.

According to Wkipedia:

“A minor planet discovered in 1989 by astronomer Lyudmila Karachkina, was named Disneya.”

This is yet another connection that the late Walt Disney has with a magical star filled sky.

Celebrate this Day

Because Planet Disneya was discovered on February 21st, from this point forward we we will celebrate February 21st as Disneyite Planet Day!

Following the Magic Rainbow

New Disney Fun is Coming Soon

In the world of Walt Disney Mickey and Minnie are riding around on a balloon celebrating the return to the Disney Cruises being available.

Reinstating is Near

As Disneyites, our particular clan is located on the East Coast about a  two hour drive away from New York City. NYC is a lovely place and us Disneyite used to enjoy going there and shopping in the Disney Store. This was of course before the Pandemic. But, all this could change soon as Disney announces that there will be a return to a Disneyite world again. We are of course are referring to the announcement that the Disney cruises will be reinstated in the near future.

If You Never Have, We Highly Recommend that You Do

As Disneyites our hearts are aflutter as we sign up for going on the Disney reopening coming soon. You should look into this too. Especially if you have never been on a Disney Cruise before.

Yay, Mickey and Minnie will back just months away!

Tips for Disney Influencers Who Survived Doing Media Coverage of the Disney Cruise and More

It’s not a happy time in the happy world of Disneyites at this moment. We’re speaking mostly about influencers who survived on doing publicity videos about the magic land.

The staff of this Disneyite website decided to do something a little different: marketing lessons. These lessons are designed not just for Disneyites, but also for anyone in these challenging times.


Let’s get back to investing for a moment. If you get into the investing in the stock market and are decent at getting returns, as mentioned this can be your ticket to achieving the “Big B.” Let’s look at a point that Forbes Magazine makes:

“Using the future value function in excel and compounding the returns monthly, we reach the princely sum of $1,009,076,276.09 in just . . . 84 years. So max out your retirement accounts beginning at age 20, and when you turn 104 you will be a billionaire. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.”


Is the Stock Market Enough?

Who knows, if you are young, maybe a medical method will come about that will mean you will make it to age 104. Of course though, we want our billion earlier. So this means the stock market is only a part of the equation. Also, if you read the Forbes article that we used a quote from, it goes on to detail that with inflation it is not all that simple.

We felt it was important to put the methods out there for the masses so that some of you who are hurting can also become billionaires just like that mouse with ears.

You need more things to invest in to become a billionaire. Oops, does this mean we are going to have to flip the channel to non Disney programming. Just a tad, to make a point.

“Shark Tank” Knowledge

Chances are if you are reading this, you watch the “Shark Tank” TV show. If you do not, you should start. Why? Because you will get much knowledge about how billionaires look at investing. You will also, surprisingly, learn about marketing. The two important factors that come up again and again on the program are the questions relating to:

The Show and Marketing

Will this give me a return on my investment and how is it being marketed? Is it sustainable? Watching “Shark Tank,” including watching repeats of what you have already seen, will give you a lot of information on what to look for in an investment. It is also an interesting lesson in marketing. Why? Because with around 2,043 billionaires in the world, the “Sharks” on “Shark Tank” were selected for a reason. Sure, they were asked to join the program based on their billionaire merit, but also because all of them are involved in self-promotion, at times putting their faces on products and such.

What Does This Tell Us About Becoming a Billionaire?

The Sharks are where they are in large part due to their marketing strategies promoting themselves. They know that being known can make better deals in the future and can also be a darn lot of fun. So being on “Shark Tank” continues the promoting of themselves and there is nothing wrong with that! Disneyites who are influencers take this info and help to open the doors of the magic kingdom once more!

Will Mr. Disney’s Vision Rise Again?

These are uncertain times. Not just for us regular folks, but also for magic kingdoms and their inhabitants. Will Mr. Disney’s vision rise again? Will there still be a place for it in era changed? We hope so.

We like Disneyland, one could even say we love it. And we love the cruises too. But in this Pandemic it is just not the same. Maybe it is the feeling that Disney’s magical characters and and good feelings can’t save us anymore.

Disney shut down bad men and evil queens, but given our real world worries, there’s no much that a mouse with a wand can do.

You are Welcome Here in the Magic Kingdom

So, we welcome you aboard this magic journey that you will get out of it, as much elbow grease as you are willing to put in. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We do not make the claim that this will be the end all, be all, Disney experience of your life, but it is our hope that you find it an enjoyable and relevant one.

We just wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to follow this website and blog. Your enthusiasm and support means a lot to us in this Magic Kingdom!

Fans Fears Regarding Disney Statue

Is this Statue the Next Inline?

There is a lovely statue of Walt Disney and Mickey that has been up for some time inspiring viewers and Disneyites as well. The only problem is that we are in the time of people knocking down statues and putting them out of commission. We fear that Walt could be the next in line.

The Coronavirus Has Shut Down Some of Disney

But why would anyone want to knock over Walt Disney and Mickey? Maybe some people don’t like Disney movies? Or maybe they have never been on a Disney Cruise? We say this because if you experience a Disney Cruise it’s hard to not like Disney. But sadly the Disney Cruises have shut down for the time being due to COVID-19 therefore making it impossible for haters to be able to experience one of the best things that Disney offers.

Oprah has some good ideas in this regard:

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

As Disneyite we see Oprah’s lesson as an important one. The virus has shut down some of the best that Disney has to offer, but we must be grateful for what we still have Disney-wise.

Our Plea to the Haters

Why do haters hate? Often it is because of their upbringing or lack thereof. There is the sad reality that lots of folks did not have a good home life growing up and therefore maybe never experienced a Disney movie or television show. We’re not saying that Mickey Mouse can wave his magic wand and make cease what is happening in these challenging times, but as Disneyites ourselves, we believe that Disney can be a part of the solution. So please do not knock down Walt and Mickey!

Pluto Comes Into His Own

All That is Left is PP

Poor Pluto. Poor Pluto Pup. That’s right, his last name is Pup. Not “Mouse” which you would think was the case because Pluto is a part of Mickey Mouse’s family. And with Mickey being gone with others of the Disney characters going with him, all that is left if PP.

A Less than Perfect Leader

Somehow the expectation is that Pluto will take over the duties of the Mickey Mouse fam to make sure everything is running well. Mickey is too depressed to work because of the way that the Coronavirus has hit his world. This end of the cruise ship and Disneyland sales, makes him less than perfect for taking action as a leader.

Head of Press

0fficially a mixed-breed dog, Pluto made his debut as a bloodhound in Mickey Mouse cartoons starting in 1930. So yes, Pluto looks pretty darn good for being age 90. At a time in his life chronologically when this canine may have hoped for a nice retirement, he is now unofficially-officially the voice of Disney press.

Where Did Mickey Go?

Moving Further Away from Us

Even though there is still a lot of Disney to go around for fans, there is a way that we feel Mickey has deserted us. Just yesterday here in New York we got the news that “Frozen” on Broadway was closing due to the Coronavirus. Every day it feels like Mickey is moving further and further away from us.

Author Shares with His Community

As a Disneyite, I need my fix of Mickey now and then, but in many ways all things Disney are dimming. This will pass of course. For example, the Broadway hit “Hamilton” will be streaming soon on the Disney Plus. The author of “Hamilton” grew up just down the street from us an occasionally shows up in the community sharing something artistic such as movies or watching the local kids dancing.


Although we love Lin-Manuel Miranda and are looking forward to seeing the cinematic take on his amazing story with contemporary music, we still need more as Disneyites. As we’ve discussed the lack of Disney cruises available is the cornerstone of our Disneyite needs. With the cruise we are able to immerse ourselves in the Mickey/Disney experience. Losing that has caused a kind of feeling of withdrawal. Mickey, com back Mickey!

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