Disney is for Everyone

“Disneyite” is an Unofficial Fan Club for Disneyites all Around the World so We Need to Understand Marketing Campaign Strategies

And Around and Around I Go as a Disneyite

METHOD HOW to Be Able to Have the Confidence to Do DIY (Do it Yourself) Approaches to Your Website and More

One might think that running an unofficial fan club of Disney and all its magic, would be a piece of cake. And although we enjoy the process of bringing you and other members news, it is not easy in any sense of the word. In fact, early on we thought of getting help from a place like DigiRefer, but ultimately decided against that and instead learned how to use web apps instead. And you can too! Doing Web DIY is fun to learn and use. Getting the motivation to explore a media program can be found by knowing you will use it to do something you care about, as we do with Disneyite. We even do our own Marketing Campaign Strategies.

METHOD HOW Fans Can Think Like Marketers and Marketers Can Think Like Fans

As a fan you know what being a Disneyite is like therefore you can tell who would make a good Disneyite and who would not. That is a piece of the puzzle involving promoting which is understanding your audience and being clear about what makes them tick, what they want, and why they are a Disneyite. Marketers do the same kind of procedures as this in their work.

METHOD HOW to Use the Lessons in “Creativity” from Disney Creations and Experiences

The terrific thing about being a Disneyite and going on Disney Cruises, watching Disney Movies as well as tuning into Disney Television Programs, is that you know what you are going to get which is wonderful storytelling, an emotional journey and maybe even something educational. We always come up with Disneyite ideas when participating in Disney undertakings like going to Disneyland. When we watch or are engaged in one Disney experience or another, we are constantly coming up with new ways we can Celebify the Disneyite Unnoficial Fan Club.. Some people Celebify themselves because they want to become famous. We on the other hand, Celebify our club with Marketing Campaign Strategies.

METHOD HOW to Let Yourself be Educated by Disney on Important Life and Business Topics to Empower You to Achieve Your Goals

We should start off by saying that “Disneyite,” although being what some would say is a creative idea, is an unauthorized concept that is not used by the company or companies known as “Disney.” Disney provides magical and entertaining realms that I, ironically, as an official member of the unofficial fan club, tap into to find solutions to problems I have.

METHOD HOW as a Disneyite You Can Teach Yourself to Be a Problem Solver

Let’s face it, the problem solvers rule the Earth, because depending on what problem they solve they can be immensely. On the one hand you might have a company that provides millions of people with electricity because of their problem of needing lights in their homes to be able to see, plus many other needs such as having the cool air of a plug powered air conditioner. While on the other hand, maybe as a little kid you had a lemonade stand. During the course of the day you might only have four or five customers who are neighbors. Solving the needs of people can take on so many different forms. For example, let’s say your friend is suddenly very sad. How can you solve their problem of being sad. Our answer to that, even though it is not a Disney character, would be to show them something like Bigfoot Zombie to get them laughing again. Problem solved.

METHOD HOW as a Disneyite You Can Become More Knowledgeable and Creative

Being a Disneyite means being driven to take in as many Disney experiences including going to Disneyland. But how does Disney extend your creativity? Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. For a Disneyite, becoming more creative can be a result of seeing Disney movies and studying them closely to better understand the creativity that went into making them. True story. When I was a kid I used my creativity to enter a Disney art contest. At 7 years old I won the prize of getting an all expenses paid Disneyland experience. Myself and my family lived hundreds of miles from Disneyland in California. It was an experience I will never forget. My creativity opened the gates of Disneyland to me and had much to do with later becoming a Disneyite.

METHOD HOW You Can Come Up with Creative Ideas Like We Did When We Decided to Form an Unofficial Disney Fan Club Known as “Disneyite”

Our love of Disney moved us toward getting creative and coming up with a unique name for our Disney fan club…Disneyites. “Ite” is a suffix. Suffixes are added to nouns to connote people who are a part of following a tribe, leader or system. In this instance, the definition of a Disneyite is someone following the leader of everything that involves the concept of “Disney”!

METHOD HOW to Set the Stage so that You Become More Creative

As we begin to wind this up, we want to point it out, that you, by reading this, are actually a part of our “Marketing Campaign Strategies.” Coming up with strategies is not easy, that is why places like “Method How” are springing up online as specialists of strategies for businesses. But what we are all about is being a part of the Art Gush philosophy which is that anyone can be creative and have Art Gushing out of themselves. You who is reading this could become more creative too if you wished to do so. But first make certain to pick a topic or category of something that you are truly passionate about. For uss, our love is being a part of the Disneyite Unofficial Disney Fan Club!

Disney is for Everyone

As a Disneyite, at Times it is Important to Think About and Make an Homage to, the Source of the Disney Universe Who Started it All…

Meet Walt Disney, the Man Who Started it All

What Lead to Our Starting this Club for the Disneyite?

When we made the decision to start a fan club for those like we and you are, the Disneyite, admittedly it was born out of the Disney Cruises. Yes, we had seen many Disney movies and loved them all, but it was the cruises that really clinched things. Maybe it was the the engaging interaction possible with Disney characters, or perhaps it was the joy it brought to all ages?

Gratitude is Key

Whatever it was, we got hooked and started a club to show our fascination and excitement over the Disney Universe. Starting a fan club takes time, but it is well worth it when you believe in what your club was created for. In our instance, it was to put forth our great gratitude that experiences such as Disney existed.

Thanks Mr. Disney

And to think it was started all those years ago by Walt Disney and a mouse he drew. This then evolved into an empire that continues to grow with tremendous innovation, even after Mr. Disney passed. It is quite extraordinary when you think about it, all the facets that together are the Walt Disney Universe. Thank you Mr. Walt Disney for making all of our lives more magical!

Disney is for Everyone

Can You be a Senior Citizen and Still be a Disneyite?

Disneyites for Decades

Donald Duck and pals are for the elderly as well of course. In fact, many of those over a certain age can remember the Disney of yesteryear. The pioneering of animation in full length motion pictures. In fact, seniors were Disneyites decades before others.

Disneyites who Know the Classics

Because older individuals feel connected to the magic, there has been talk lately of starting an elderly faction of the Disneyite group. The reason for this is that older people who love Disney films from the old days, can trade comments about their perceptions of these classics.

Disneyites Great Job!

This could very well could spark the interest of other Disneyite who enjoy hearing tales of what it was like going to see Disney animated films. Regardless, congratulations senior citizens for being such avid Disneyites!

Disney is for Everyone

To Celebrate Entrepreneurship, Disneyites Stand in Unison Knowing Fully that the Apple of Their Eye will Make the Right Business Decisions, and to Symbolize the Power of Business that is Available to All, this Unofficial Fan Site Brings You the Third Post of Five from the Entrepreneurial Blog Coalition Series

Disneyites is an Unofficial Site

To start, Disneyites of this site desire to make clear that they are not in any way connected to the company that they focus on. They are fans. known as Disneyites, who are inspired in so many ways, one of which is the entrepreneurial process. When they were contacted by the Blog Coalition to host the third post in a series of five for Pandemic hit businesses, they gave a big thumb up due to their desire to help others.

This is the Third Installment in the Blog Coalition Series for Business Owners Whose Businesses Were Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

This third step is one of possible big change which can be overwhelming for some. But the good news is that if your business is a business that needs to take this step, the outcome for many is quite positive.

It Sometimes Starts Due to a Passion for a Certain Industry

Some of the most successful businesses came about due to the founder having a passion for an industry and therefore took the entrepreneurial steps to introduce a startup. Why do we bring this up? Because we believe that the more passion you have for something, means that if you start a business in the desired category, the more likely it is that a company will succeed. And this can be a key point when analyzing a business that has been so negatively impact by the Corona Virus and its Variants that this company is on its last legs.

Passion as a Motivator for a Business

Business owners, depending on the industry, are not responsible for the negative impact COVID has had on their business. But if your business is as good as done, this could actually be an opportunity to fill your life with happiness. How? By starting a new entrepreneurial venture. This time though, connected to an industry you have a passion for.

An Opportunity for Change?

As difficult and challenging as it can be, some entrepreneurs have chosen to see the opportunity to get on a track they always dreamed of. This is a time to really think if your current business should even really be your business. Is there another area that you are better suited for? Do you have a passion for a certain hobby that you enjoy and that you could have insight into what others want from that category, such that you can supply products services to it?

Consider Digital?

One thought is to have a component or a total interface with the digital world. Why? Because one of the reasons that businesses were negatively impacted by the virus is because they depended on in-person interaction. Digital has the benefit of being able to helm it from anywhere remotely, and when facing disasters like the virus, can sometimes even benefit from people spending more time at home.

Final Thoughts

The starting a new business thing is a big deal. So, you only want to take it on if you feel you know and understand that industry you are considering becoming a part of. Best of luck!

Disney is for Everyone

Are You a Disneyite or a Disney-might? Take My Quiz to Find Out.

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